Dr.Neetu's Journey to Bali

As some of you may know, I took a journey to Bali in Dec 2014.  I haven't talked much about it yet, as I didn't feel the time was right.  It was most definitely a transformational experience, and I think for the past 3 months I have still been integrating the trip.

I went to Bali with Transformational Coach Kute Blackson; he created a journey which took 16 visionaries to Bali for a 12 day 'Uncoaching" or "Unlearning" experience.
I have followed Kute's blogs for several years now and was completely drawn to his teachings, his words and his authentic energy.  I also knew of his various programs however wasn't fully drawn too them.  However, one day in July, it hit me like a ton of bricks after a dinner conversation with a friend.  "I have to go to Bali".  I was trying to figure out what these words meant, i researched surf and yoga retreats, and other tours, and then I recalled, Kute hosts a journey to Bali.  I signed up for more information that day, the next day I received an email for an interview, the next day I had an interview, the day after that my case was reviewed and I was accepted (not all are accepted), and next thing I knew I was signed up and Bali bound December 2014.
I signed up for the journey purely on intuition; I did not know much the trip itself, nor the people who attend!  The trip was way out of my comfort zone.
Kute asks us not to speak of specifics of locations and exercises during the trip, in order to not ruin the trip for future attendee's.  This is something everyone honours as the power of the unknown, of the trip, was half of the reason for the transformations.  We would never want to ruin or take that away from anyone seeking healing during future Bali trips with Kute.
What did occur is several guidelines were implemented.  We weren't permitted to look at time; meal times were never set; disconnect from all phones and wifi;  sleep times, i would guess, to be an average of 4-5 hours per night; we did not know the itinerary of the day and many other guidelines.
What was the purpose of this?  It followed the theme of the entire trip, to demonstrate day after day, that generally we will limit ourselves with our mind.  If one looks at the clock at 2am and have to wake at 7am, we will think, "I"m going to be so tired in the morning", however, when you have no idea of time??  Fatigue is also questionable?  There is no mind ability to calculate the time and think, yep, 5 hours, I will be tired.  We didn't know?  And we had full full days, and I can easily say I was not tired during the entire trip.  We also ate at an average of 9am, and sometimes "lunch" I would guess at about 9pm.  Did hunger consume our thoughts?  No.  We had snacks with us, however, without seeing time, our "mind" didn't know if we should be overly hungry or perfectly timed hungry...the "should be's" of the mind were all stopped, with the simple trick of eliminating time and social media.
This sets the stage for the deeper meaning of the trip.  What each of us went to heal.  I learned ways I live, ways I interact with people, ways I seek approval, ways I seek safety, ways I seek survival.  We learned that all of us are conditioned from an early age to figure out how to survive, and how to be loved.  Early on we learned to adopt masks we wear to get love.  For example, if i'm nice, i'll be loved; if I put others first, they will like me, if i have anger I am bad, etc etc.  All of these masks are learned in childhood.  Yet they are not the true us.  
I have been very open about my health issues and my journey to heal.  It has been a relentless pursuit for health and wellness since 16 years old.  I do believe at the root, root of health imbalances, are stuck emotions.  In addition to Naturopathic pursuits, subconscious and emotional work was also a big part of my healing since 2008.  However, in Bali, I think I got to the root.
The masks I wore, the conditioning I received, at the root of all this was  a huge belief.  The belief that was at the root of many of my health issues, was (a) my asthma was linked to feeling suffocated with what OTHERS thought I should do, how I should act, how I should be.  This was set at a young age.  And (b) the subconscious belief which let me to hold myself very controlled and contracted because if I let go, I would die.  This came from me always being in the ER as a toddler for life-threatening asthma attacks.  My whole family was programmed, "to make sure I don't die".  I subconsciously conducted my whole life to try not to die of asthma.  
Huge realization I didn't even know I carried.  The emotions simply needed to be expressed and cleared, which they were.
Since the trip I have experienced massive changes in my life.  Life flows with more ease, with relaxation, with energy, and I am still learning to sloowww down, yet be 10x more productive.  It truly was a trip of a life time.  
Kute speaks often of growth occurring as we stretch outside our comfort zone.  This is something that I would encourage everyone to do.  We can all 'stretch' any time any place.  Examples could include, taking out all sugar from your diet; or stopping all alcohol; or waking at 6am five days a week to work out; or learning to say NO; or cancelling your cable or commit to castor oil packs 5 days a week.  The possibilities are endless!  And whatever you are called to do, is likely going to provide you the greatest healing.  Kute teaches that it is easy to love and be loving to one another in our comfort zone.  But can you love when you are stretched, when you are uncomfortable, when you are having an emotional crisis.  Can you still be loving to people around you??
It is easy when we're comfy  :)
A take home from this blog would be to choose something that would cause you to "stretch", and incorporate it, and don't give up on committing to yourself.  What do you choose?  Send us a message, let us know!  And take note of what changes in your life.  Everyone looks for success to be one significant event, however, the reality is, it is a series of small steps taken consistently.  Success is in the small steps!
I was so moved by the work I did in Bali, I have enrolled in the second part of the training, to become a Coach and Facilitator trained under Kute!  The 'Coach Apprentice Program, is a  9 month interactive, healing journey, which I am learning to facilitate change as Kute practices.  
I believe this as a Naturopathic Doctor, the patient can heal only as deep as the facilitator has healed.  This was one of the main motivating factors to heal deeper with this training.  Very exciting!!  Graduation will be in November, 2015.  Stay tuned.... 
In health, Dr. Neetu

De-LIVERing Spring Balance

An organ with good motion has physiological function.  

The liver is our body's storehouse, production factory and detoxification centre, among other things. It's list of duties are as large as the organ itself, weighing up to 4 kg and taking up a large residence in the upper right quadrant of the abdomen.

In a living body the liver contends with many extrinsic and mechanical forces on it. The constant vibrations of a beating heart, the piston like actions of the diaphragm- approximately 20,000 times per day- with the liver riding along with it.  Not to mention the challenges we impose on it with our modern diet and medications which can overwork the liver, building up over time leading to congestion. Consider also the little contortions your liver and fellow viscera have to achieve during your everyday movements like bending over to tie a shoelace, reaching around to scratch your back or reaching up to screw in a new light bulb. The liver and its closely packed roommates have to accommodate each other within the space they're given.

Most of the abdominal organs, including the liver, are housed within a sac called the peritoneum.  Inside the peritoneum, the organs don't just slosh around willy-nilly, they are held in place by internal pressures and secured to each other and your musculoskeletal system by connective tissue called mesenteries, omenta, and visceral ligaments.  These ligaments are basically thickenings of the internal peritoneal layer as it infolds on itself around the organs and allow as well as limit certain movements of the gut organs.

The organs are meant to slide easily against each other even as they are squeezed together, sort of like the front row at a rock concert. Each organ has its own intrinsic motion as it carries out its physiological duties. This functional motion has been termed motility. A slow or uneven motility indicates that the organ isn't working to its utmost capacity. Over time, the constant demands placed on the liver can take their toll, it can become sluggish and less productive, making you feel the same way.

Some warning signs that tell you that your liver might not be feeling its usual self are; fatigue, headaches, light sensitivity, oily hair, dull hypersensitive skin, halitosis, irritated mucous membranes and even dark coloured urine. In addition, via its neurovascular connections, it can be responsible for a number of aches and pains, including that nagging nocturnal back pain and shoulder and elbow problems, especially of the right side. Our visceral organs are said to take on excess emotional baggage that our busy and important brains don't want to handle anymore. The liver becomes a reservoir for those feelings that pertain to our inner sense of self, the past, dependence, pessimism, being a creature of habit (stuck in a rut), and outbursts of anger. Concurrent to the detox programme you're engaged in to get back into the good books with your liver, consider a little nudge in the right direction with Visceral Manipulation Therapy that will help to wake up a congested and sluggish liver, releasing restrictions and encouraging the return of its vital motion so important for its efficient functioning.



Linda McLaren, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist


Call Brio to book an appointment with Linda McLaren. 604.271.9355.


Welcome Dr.Jeff Braun

I can remember driving across the Port Mann bridge many years ago, my Father behind the wheel of his pickup truck, me sitting in the passenger seat. I was maybe 14 years old. He gave me some advice that I never forgot. He explained to me that maintaining my health was a very important matter, and that regardless of life's circumstances, with good health I would always be able to move forward with any goals or dreams and recover from any setbacks along the way. Unknowing to him or me at the time, I believe that advice set me on course to become a Chiropractor.
I have been practicing as a Chiropractor for more than 25 years now. The profession has allowed me to meet and help many people in British Columbia and I have seen changes in the profession and health care in general. The basic principal of Chiropractic hasn't changed a bit tho, not for me or any other Chiropractor I know and that principal is, quality body bio-mechanics, namely our posture and freedom of motion. The techniques and procedures I use to help people move towards that have evolved, but really, I'm still trying to patients to "move" like most of them did when they were children...with full, pain free movement, with the ability to stand or sit with a minimum of stressors.
"Life" for us happens in the constant force of gravity. We are the only mammal to spend most of it's waken life upright. It's a fantastically complex function that takes us quite a while to learn, about 15 years to fully develop our "grace" or coordination. Things go wrong along the way. It surely starts when we are children, the trials and mishaps in learning to stand, walk, run, then later with sports, riding bicycles. The inevitable accidents that happen along the way tend to become more severe as our speed and strength increases. And we learn that we have considerable healing abilities.
So what goes wrong along the way, why do so many of us deal with recurring and/or long standing aches, pains and stiffness as adults.
From my perspective as a Chiropractor I see that, certainly in the physical state, it is one of either inflammation leading to fibrosis/tissue of repair/adhesions, joint mal-position and elevated sympathetic nervous system tone.
These are all big topics individually and I will type here again shortly to give you some insights into these conditions.
For me personally it's wonderful to work around and with the other talented practitioners at Brio. Practitioners all take their learned knowledge and go on to further develop insights and skills from "practice". The practice I refer to is helping people live healthy,happy and productive lives.
Dr.Jeff Braun, Chiropractor
Brio welcomes Dr.Jeff Braun to the Low Level Laser Therapy department. We are very excited to have him share his expertise on body alignment and health. Dr.Braun will be taking Low Level Laser Therapy appointments Tuesdays 2pm-7pm, Wednesdays 9am-1pm, Thursdays 2pm-6pm, Saturdays 12pm-4pm. Call Brio to book your laser therapy appointment or to learn more about the benefits. 604.271.9355.

Super Nutrition..with Super Food!

‎As many of my patients are aware, I'm quite open with my health and healing journey. A huge cornerstone of healing has always been diet. In our confusing world of having every type of cuisine right at our fingertips, it was difficult for my sensitive system to figure out what suited it best. It took me I would say a good 12 years to truly reach a diet which was the START of what felt good to my system. 
My food allergies were clear. They were anaphylactic reactions, also known as IgE reactions, and immediate and deadly; thus I was to avoid: beans, peas, nuts, lentils. I no longer am as extreme in my reaction, however, for the most part, I still avoid these foods. 
My first fore towards self healing and alternative health ‎was with a Naturopath when I was approximately 18 years of age. Diet being a cornerstone of Naturopathic Medicine, I learned about, low grade subtle reactions also known as IgG, contributing to vague symptoms such as: digestive upset, cramps, eczema, asthma, a stressed nervous system and compromised immune system. It was clear I was to avoid wheat, dairy and sugar. This was way back in the day when grain alternatives were very difficult to find! I believe my mom found a bread on Granville+16th, it was dense and fifty percent of the time, raw in the center. But it was the only option.
My next healer suggested avoiding: chocolate, caffiene, tomato‎ and dairy.
Then came Naturopathic Medicine School, at which time, as students we experimented with many diets!
Then came my current Naturopath, Dr. Thom who made it very clear, I was to avoid all gluten, and dairy. This is when things began to change. The tipping point.
Gluten free since 2003, In 2008 I saw a fitness trainer with a background in Holistic Nutrition. Going in thinking my diet wasn't the issue...boy was I wrong! There I learned how much hidden white/brown/refined sugar was in my diet. I learned how to portion out the Gluten-free carbs I was eating and I learned little effort was made to actually incorporate veggies. Quite a shocker. I would say, perfecting this way of eating felt good, really good, and if I'm honest the true wisdom of this diet fully solidifying in my psychy now. Took many years to accept this is how my body really likes to eat and feels good.
Now the next level. I am incorporating "superfoods". Many of you have likely heard of some or all of these foods, however, I did not really pay much attention to them. I am always aware, and listening to my body, and these superfoods are repeatedly coming into my awareness, hearing people discuss them with me more and more often, so I hear and LISTEN the cues given to me, around me, my body is ready for the next level. The reason I wait for my body's cues is, often these new foods and alternate grains are very nutrient dense. It really does require a strong digestive system to be able to HANDLE a superfood or ancient grain. Like me for many years, if it does not suit your system at this time, keep up your healing treatments with your Brio Team Member and the perfect time will arise.
Given that March is Nutrition Month, I think it's appropriate to list the few that I am experimenting with and have currently incorporated. And some benefits of each. If you feel the call to incorporate them as well...please share with us at Brio...we would love to know how you feel!
Organic spirulina powder: 
Is a nutrient-dense blue-green algae that has existed on the planet for 3.6 billion years.‎ It has been known to nourish the body and mind. Popular to ancient civilizations such as the Aztec. Spirulina is not new to the market and popular in many health food stores. However not all are created equal, and will likely account for the price point difference. It is extremely important to ensure the product is from a "fresh river" source as well as organic. Many mass produced are farmed in tanks, exposed to radiation etc.
Few of the well known benefits include - plant bases source of Vit B 6 and Iron; immune booster; weight managements; rich in protein (60-70%) and the protein is highly bioavailable, therefore it is absorbed 4x more than protein in beef!
Organic Macca Powder:
‎Is known as 'Peruvian Ginseng' and used in Peru for endurance for 2000 years. Legend has it, it was used by the Inca warriors to increase strength and stamina. I must admit, this one is nutrient quite dense, and my gut is giving me a bit of aches after taking it. But it simply means I need to continue to focus on my diet and increase probiotics...almost there, the pain is minimal! Again, be careful of the source, my gut hurts because it is a high quality source!
Benefits of macca include - ‎endurance and stamina; hormone balance for women and men.
Organic Cacao Powder:
Whole foods advocate, David 'Avocado' Wolfe, says if he was forced  to choose one superfood if would be cacao! It is a superfood native to South America. It is an important and powerful antioxidant rich in Magnesium and again a plant based source of Iron.
Again it is important to purchase a quality source which is milled at low-temperatures in order to keep the nutrients in tact.
Benefits include - mood stabilizer, to-good-to-be-true alternative for chocolate or conventional cocoa; essential fatty acids; rich in magnesium and iron; natural mind stimulant.
Organic Medicinal Mushrooms:
The healing benefits of mushrooms ‎have been known well known to Eastern Cultures for centuries. Healing mushrooms such as reishi mushrooms are commonly found in health food stores. Again, what is their benefit...
Benefits include - healing mushrooms increase oxygenation to the body assisting in overall body recovery; increase in ATP production, which is what our bodies use for energy, disease prevention, muscle recovery.
How am I incorporating these SUPERFOODS? I am rotating them, getting to know how I feel after each one, and adding them to my smoothies. Years ago, my gut would not be able to handle these nutrient bombs, now it is the perfect time. The next level of my healing is super healing. I will keep with these and feel the full benefits. On the horizon I have my eyes on acai berries and Chia seeds! 
In health, Dr. Neetu

Bone Broth Recipe

We have had many comments from patients requesting that we upload the bone broth recipe from our November newsletter to the website. If you don't receive our month newsletter, ask Kyra to add you. Or you can sign up HERE.  


Enjoy the recipe!




2-3 pounds bones of grass-fed beef or organic/pastured chicken (raw or cooked leftovers)

4 L filtered water

2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar

1 large onion, coarsely chopped

2 carrots, peeled and coarsely chopped

3 celery stalks, coarsely chopped

  1. Place bones in a stock pot or crock pot and fill with water (bones should be mostly submerged)
  2. Add vinegar and all vegetables except parsley to the water.
  3. Bring to a boil, and remove any scum that rises to the top.
  4. Reduce the heat to the lowest setting and let simmer.
  5. If bones have meat and/or marrow in them, these will start to separate from the bones after a few hours. You can help separate the meat and marrow from the bones every couple hours.
  6. Simmer for 12-24 hours.
  7. Remove remaining bones from the broth and strain the rest through a strainer to remove anybone fragments.

Refrigerate or freeze in smaller portions. You can remove some of the fat that solidifies on top if you wish. Much of the stock should gel (that's a good thing). Now you're ready to use the broth as a base for all kinds of soups, stews and sauces - or just drink it straight!


Brio's Recap of 2014!

As we are nearing the end of 2014, we want to take this opportunity to say “thank you!” to all our patients who have supported us this year.  Many exciting events took place in 2014.  Here is a summary of what happened this year:

During the annual Naturopathic Medicine Week in May, Brio hosted a movie screening of “GMO OMG” by Jeremy Seifert.  Following the movie, we had presentations from local experts:  Harold Steves, Colin Dring and Theresa Lynne. The evening concluded with a stimulating panel discussion.  Click on the links to learn more about their topics. 

In the Spring, the Brio team participated in a number of community events.  We took part in the “Nurse Next Door” Wellness Show, the health shows at the Fairmont Hotel and Delta Hotel, Canadian In-Home Care Information Session, and a number of health talks at local community centres.  Please contact the office early in the year if you would like one of us to present at your group or organization. 

This year, we celebrated our 10th “Weight Loss Rehab” class!  Our graduates have raved about this program!  It is a 12 -week course that teaches you how to transform your metabolism, optimize immune and hormonal functions and prevent disease.  If you would like to learn how to eat a whole foods diet and safely shed unwanted weight, please call to find out more.  We are now taking registrations for our upcoming January 2015 class.

During the summer, we added Dawn to our administration team!  Dawn has an undergraduate degree in psychology and has administration experience working in her family business.  Dawn is at our office three days a week, and attends the Holistic Nutrition Program at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) on the other days. We are so happy to have Dawn join the Brio team!

If you haven't visited the clinic recently, please come by to see our newly completed reception and seating area.  The "west coast" style is bright and fresh, yet warm and relaxing!  Drop by and enjoy a cup of tea!  Click on this link to see pictures.

Lastly, every year near Christmas time, we have our annual food drive benefitting The Richmond Food Bank.  We are taking food donations between now and December 19th.  Each time you donate, we will enter you into our lucky draw.  This year we are giving away a FitBit Activity Monitor!


From all of us at Brio, we wish you a wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!


Brio's New Reception Area!

Just in time for the Holidays!  The new seating area at Brio is finally complete!
A big thanks to Dr. Jeff's friend, Angelique, for helping us choose the chairs, accessories and other finishing touches.  With her design expertise, we were able to create a "west coast" style waiting space that is bright and fresh, yet warm and relaxing at the same time!  
The new accessories also complement the beautiful bamboo desk that was custom-built by Dr. Neetu's friend, Brent.   Please come by and enjoy a cup of tea in our new reception area!

Eating with the Seasons: A Food Tour in Rome

In September, my wife and I celebrated our 10-year anniversary with a wonderful 3-week trip to Europe!  We enjoyed every minute of our visits to London, Paris and Rome!

One of the highlights of our trip was a walking Food Tour in Rome.  It was a 3.5-hour stroll from the lively Campo de’ Fiori market, through the historic Jewish “Ghetto,” to the colourful Trastevere neighbourhood.  Our guide, Francesca, took us to various markets, shops and restaurants to sample authentic Roman foods and explained how these staples were connected to their history and culture.

Our first stop was Campo de’ Fiori (“field of flowers”) and a tasting of fresh “mozzarella di bufala” or water buffalo mozzarella cheese.  It was out of this world!  The cheese is kept at room temperature so that the natural bacteria cultures can flourish.  The summer time produces the best quality cheese because the buffalo have access to abundant phytonutrients.  Francesca explained to us the strict guidelines that farmers adhere to in the production of the milk.  The buffalo are very well cared for, with a grass-fed diet and even time for grooming and massages!    All this is done to ensure that the happy and healthy animals will produce the highest-quality milk, which in turn produces the best-tasting cheese!

Our next stop was to a local “forno” or bakery.  In addition to the breads, pies and sweets that are typically offered, bakeries here also have pizza!  We watched the hand-made pizza dough being rolled and kneaded into shape.  Francesca said that you will not find deep-dish or North American-style pizzas in Rome (except in tourist areas).  For a quick meal or snack, Romans enjoy a slice of either “pizza bianca” (pizza dough with only olive oil) or “pizza rosa” (pizza dough with tomato sauce).  You can see that they eat with the seasons from the variations of these two classics.  When we were there in the late summer, pizza with eggplant was common.  You will also find pizza topped with buffalo mozzarella and basil…yum!

Next, we headed to the Jewish Ghetto.  Here, we find another example of eating with the seasons in a popular summer time appetizer, “fiori di zucca fritti” or fried zucchini flower.  This was my absolute favourite!  The delicate zucchini flowers are stuffed with cheese and anchovies, then lightly battered and deep fried.  We enjoyed this, along with another Roman favourite, “suppli” (a rice, tomato and cheese croquette), in a tiny little restaurant in the heart of the Jewish Ghetto.  This restaurant also prepared fresh meals every day for a group of retired elderly in the community.  Rather than spending time grocery shopping and cooking, Francesca explained how these folks meet up daily with friends and family at the local restaurant, keep a “running tab” and pay for it all at the end of the month!  Great food, good company and no dishes to wash…what more can you ask for?

We made other stops along the way that included delicious pasta and wine tastings, but I thought I’d end with Trastevere (“beyond the Tiber”) and our visit to a local “gelateria” or Italian ice cream shop.  Francesca gave us tips on how to find an authentic gelateria, avoiding the many tourist traps in Rome.  At this particular one, we were allowed to sample as many mouth-watering flavours as we wanted before deciding on two!  Everything was fresh, made on premises and, like so many other foods and dishes here, many of the flavours reflected the season.  Among my favourites was the pear gelato, which tasted like a bite out of a fresh pear! The lemon, my wife’s favourite, was tart and refreshing. The pistachio was sweet and the coffee tasted like a fresh cup of Italian coffee!  What a tasty way to end an amazing tour!

Dr.Carin on Immune Health

Remember last year? That terrible sore throat? Headache? Fever? That cough that just wouldn’t go away? The cold and flu season is here and based on trends from previous years, it’s just getting started.


At this time of year we spend more time indoors making viruses easier to spread. While frequent hand washing is an important way to reduce the risk of exposure to germs, strengthening our own immune system is the best way to reduce the risk of getting sick.

Here are three essential steps to avoid the cold and flu this season:


1.    A Healthy Gut In Cold Weather

With 80% of our immune cells residing in our digestive tract, a healthy gut equals a healthy immune system. In addition, cooler weather requires us to make a few changes to our diet. These cold weather adjustments make a huge difference to strengthening your immune system, increasing energy and reducing digestive symptoms like gas and bloating.


a.     choose easy to digest and nutritious foods

       i.     bone broth – easy to digest, healing to your gut lining, containing calcium, magnesium, glucosamine and more, it’s a home-made multivitamin! 

      ii.     cooked/warm seasonal vegetables


b.    avoid excessive

       i.     dairy and sugar as they build up phlegm and inflammation

       ii.     raw/cold foods and drinks - In Chinese Medicine, our digestion is thought of as a fire that burns up foods to digest it. Too much raw or cold foods can snuff out this fire and slow digestion resulting in low energy, a heavy sensation in the body and bloating.


2.    Cover the back of your neck

As the weather cools down, you’ll often see me wearing a scarf. This is because in Chinese Medicine, colds and flus are a result of “wind” getting into your body and this most often happens through the area at the back of the neck (also called the “wind gate”); keep your neck covered especially when there is a breeze.

3.    As soon as you start to feel the initial stages of a cold or flu such as a sore/scratchy throat and fever take ColdQuell right away. This Chinese herbal formula reduces excess heat in the body and quickly reduces symptoms. They are in capsule form so they are easy to take without any unpleasant taste. I keep a bottle handy at home for the first sign of symptoms in myself or my family.

Happy Healthy Tummy Tips


Happy Healthy Tummy Tips for this Thanksgiving 

Dr.Dhiman has some great tips for keeping your tummy happy and healthy for the Thanksgiving meal ahead of us.


1.       Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) - a distressed stomach's best friend.  One to two teaspoons in 1/2 a glass of water 15 minutes prior to meals.  ACV will aid in digestion, decrease gastric reflux, decrease bloating and abdominal pain.  Use as needed


2.       Try to avoid Antacids - we have been programmed to think that symptoms of acid reflux is a result of too much stomach acid production, however, in our clinical observation, the problem is usually too little stomach acid production.  Stomach acid production can decrease when the body is stressed.  Overeating can absolutely be a stressor to the body.  Again, ACV will normalize stomach acid levels.


3.       Peppermint Tea - Peppermint (Mentha piperita) can calm a distressed tummy almost immediately.  This can rid the body of symptoms of dyspepsia.  If peppermint tea does not quite do the trick, Peppermint Oil Capsules are an excellent supplement as needed.


4.       Fennel Seeds (Foeniculum vulgare) - Have you ever noticed at the end of a delicious Greek meal, you will often get a tiny bowl of fennel seed candy?  This is not a random offering as fennel can ease abdominal pain, gas and bloating almost immediately.  Simply chew on a small amount and swallow.  The seeds can also be boiled in water to drink as a tea.


5.       Try to avoid beverages with meals - Have you also noticed at most Asian restaurants you will not receive ice water with your meal unless it is requested?  You will however, receive small cups of warm tea.  Small amounts of warm tea aid digestion.  Ice cold drinks place stress on the digestive system, dilute digestive enzymes and stomach acid levels.  For optimal digestion, try to limit beverages to half an hour before or after meals.  If you have a dog at home, watch how he/she has meals.  Foods and liquids are always separate.  This principle follows the laws of nature. 

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